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Locally owned and operated practice with 15+ years experience offering acupuncture & TCM style treatments to help you achieve your health care goals.

Meet Our Practitioners


Dove Sprout, R.TCM.P


Graduating the year of 2007 from a four-year intensive training program in Nelson BC, Dove received the Deans' Award during her last year of studies for highest academic achievement. She is now in her 15th year of practice and takes each day as an opportunity to learn something new. 


Dove has always had a passion for helping others and takes a patient centric approach when providing acupuncture and TCM treatment. She believes that we are all born with the innate ability to heal our own selves and enjoys assisting clients return to their natural state of health and vitality. Since each individual is unique, so is each treatment – this is what continually motivates and inspires Dove in her practice. 

Dove is the Sole Proprietor of AcuEnerQi Wellness. Click the button below for more information about Dove and what AcuEnerQi has to offer.

Paul Gaucher R.TCM.P


Hello!  I'm Paul Gaucher, and I've been a TCM practitioner and acupuncturist for 17 years now. I originally earned a diploma in the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program, graduating in 2006. This 5 year full time program involved intensive studying of acupuncture, herbalism, diet, nutrition, and emotional health.  I'm grateful that me and my family (I'm a father of 3) moved from Nelson to be a part of the Creston community in 2016. 


 In addition to my regular practice, I'm an instructor of acupuncture techniques and Chinese Medicine, and clinical observation at the Kootenay Columbia College in Nelson, B.C. 

At a young age, I had a deep fascination and connection with nature, and I loved to climb trees and find bugs!  This innate curiosity of life inspired me to study, and ultimately, to practice alternative medicine.  This is a calling rooted in a deep respect for the healing power of nature and a commitment to guiding others toward their highest potential for health. I see each patient as a unique individual with their own story, and it's my privilege to be a supportive companion on their journey to wellness. It's my vision to bridge ancient healing techniques with the modern health challenges of today.

"I believe in myself, the wisdom of my body, and my ability to return to my natural state of health"

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